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The 2004 Bow Wow Wow members are:

Annabella Lwin: vocals

Leigh Gorman: bass

Phil Gough: guitar

Adrian Young: drums

The official Bow Wow Wow web site:


I have been a big fan of Bow Wow Wow since 1980. I saw them perform live ten times from 1981 thru 1983 when they traveled to the USA and played at New York and New Jersey clubs. I missed their short 1997 reunion USA tour but I finally got to see them again after 21 years on July, 15, 2004 at "Downtown" in Farmingdale, New York. Even with a different guitar player and drummer, they sounded just as I remembered them and actually better than ever throughout their 75 minute, 18 song set (check out the set list ; I wish they would have performed Louis Quatorze and Chihuahua but it was still a great show). Annabella stills looks awesome (even more so) and is as dynamic a performer as she ever was. Nobody is a more energetic performer than Annabella. I hope Bow Wow Wow continues to perform and I get the opportunity to see them again. I also hope all the old (and new) Bow Wow Wow fans enjoy looking through these photos as much as I did working on them to create this website.

Coming soon:

I have over 400 photos from the below ten Bow Wow Wow shows from 1981-1983 which I had scanned into computer files from my 35 mm film negatives. The quality is not as good as the 2004 photos taken with a digital camera but they are still a great remembrance of those old shows. I am carefully "cleaning up" each photo, one at a time, to optimize the quality so this will take a while. All these old photos will be added to this website for Bow Wow Wow fans everywhere to enjoy looking at. I believe the June 17, 1983 show was the last day that Bow Wow Wow performed together until their 1997 reunion tour.

The 1980's BOW WOW WOW band:

  • Annabella Lwin: lead vocals
  • Matthew Ashman: guitar
  • Leigh Gorman: bass
  • Dave Barbarossa: drums

Here are the old shows to be added:

Sep. 15, 1981, at "The Ritz", Manhattan, New York
Nov. 28, 1981, at "The Ritz", Manhattan, New York
Nov. 29, 1981, at "The Malibu", Lido Beach, New York
Jan. 2, 1982, at "The Mudd Club", Manhattan, New York
Apr. 7, 1982, at "The Ritz", Manhattan, New York
Dec. 30, 1982, at "The Royal Manor North", North Brunswick, New Jersey
Jan. 1, 1983, at "The Ritz", Manhattan, New York
Feb. 9, 1983, at "The Red Parrot", Manhattan, New York
Feb. 16, 1983, at "City Gardens", Trenton, New Jersey

Here are the old shows that have been added:

June 17, 1983, at "Great Adventure", Jackson, New Jersey

In addition, I have a "scrapbook" folder which has about an inch thick of Bow Wow Wow magazine articles and color magazine photos from the 1981-1983 time period. Once I finish adding all the old concert photos to this website, I will scan and add all those old articles and magazine photos to the website too.



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Barry Koopersmith

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